Monday, April 23, 2012

testing one, two... is this thing on?

lookit me! ima bloggin'!

people have been bugging me to start a blog for a while. huh?... but why?? i was all over facebook already, why bother? my "friends" already had their fill of my kind o'whacky, no need to force feed them *more*. and then i discovered pinterest (ok no, my mom sent me, lol)... ouuuuuuuu nifty! basic, simple, i likey! not only did i realize i wasn't the only wacko out there, but it helped me limit how i was using facebook altogether (a good thing, really)... and it got me thinking that a blog would probably be better suited for my general madness.

so here i am... yyyyyep. *a-hem*
now what?....

*be warned: i like bugs. and i like taking macro photos of bugs. and i enjoy posting them in all their creepy crawly beauty. not for the squeamish  ;)

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